Kenneth Mimms is the owner, proprietor, and resident father figure of Second Amendment.  Originally hailing from Mobile, AL, Ken joined the Navy as a submariner in 1983. In 2005, he decided to retire from active duty after 22 honorable years of service.  The following year, in 2006, Ken and his lovely wife Phyllis started a home health agency.  They care for mentally and physically challenged adults all across Nassau county, allowing them the opportunity to live in their own apartments while empowering them to be as independent as possible.  In July of 2015, Ken purchased the range formally known as Second Amendment Outfitters and renamed it to Second Amendment Guns and Range.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Ken has quite the extensive personal collection, including an H&K G36, two 1903 Pocket Hammerless Colts, a Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM, and many others.

Henry Mimms is our General Manager.  He's a graduate of Valdosta State University with a degree in Environmental Science.  Henry has been a firearms enthusiast all of his life, and loves to shoot in his free time.  He is an NRA Handgun Instructor.  He has worked in the firearms business since he was in college, and doesn't plan on going anywhere any time soon.  Henry's favorite firearm is the 1911, especially the Springfield Armory TRP.


Jacob Jukkala is our lead instructor who hails from Minnesota.  He is a graduate of Fernandina Beach High School with the class of 2010.  In his off time, he has many other business ventures, including kayaking, carpentry, teaching outdoor education.  He has worked in the industry for four years, and in that time, has quickly become a master of the fundamentals.  He has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life.  His favorite firearm is his lever action Marlin 336.

Amy Herrmann is the shop mom and probably shoots more than most law enforcement officers and military personnel. In her free time, she likes to ride her bicycle. Her favorite gun is her IWI Tavor in 9x19.

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Ed Herrmann really likes Sigs. No really, just ask him. He retired after waaaaay too long in Federal Law enforcement, and now spends all of his free time (and money) at the shop. His favorite gun is the Sig P239 chambered in .357Sig, because why not.

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Scott Kight is new.

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Bob Butler is new.